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14 ISC20

Position Title
Required Application Type
Teacher / Admin
Job Description

Full-time position (1.0 FTE), 8 hours per day, 12 months per year; Typical work day:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; 10 months per year

The following work activities are listed as examples only and in no event shall an employee be limited to only those examples listed here:

  • Coordinates computer assisted instruction and computer managed instructional system utilized within BOCES and within component districts;
  • In collaboration with District and/or BOCES employees, develops and coordinates the implementation of the organization’s online or virtual learning program, including both the programmatic and technical design to meet the organization’s strategic goals;
  • In collaboration with District and/or BOCES’ technical team, ensures that the delivery system is safely and securely designed and compliant with current laws and regulations;
  • Organizes training and awareness sessions on the use of administrative and instructional software applications, web-based courseware, and hardware technology required to implement their distance/virtual learning program;
  • Reviews and updates acquisition procedures for purchases made through this COSER and maintains an inventory of computer/technology related equipment;
  • Recruits, selects, and supervises the BOCES-employed teachers necessary to run the program;
  • Prepares and submits required and appropriate reports;
  • In collaboration with department director, builds, implements, and monitors the program’s budget;
  • Chairs regional committees and represents our region on statewide teams;
  • Oversees grants within this program;
  • Acts as the liaison between the organization’s staff and technology vendors, making recommendations for purchases related to the program;
  • Performs other duties as assigned
Civil Service Title
Job Qualifications
  1. Education Law title: School District Administrator (SDA) or School District Leader (SDL) certification
  2. Thorough knowledge of computer hardware and software, administrative methods, procedures and policy, principles, practices, and procedures of modern management; working knowledge of the applications of major types of computer hardware and software; ability to plan, organize, and manage the implementation of projects; communicate effectively; exhibits a high level of interpersonal skills by demonstrating an ability to work cooperatively with people.

Salary:  Commensurate with related work experience.  Plus comprehensive benefits package.

Application Procedure

Please complete your file by submitting the following information:

*  Employment application

*  Letter of interest

*  Detailed résumé

*  Evidence of certification, license or Registration Certificate (if applicable)

*  College undergraduate and graduate transcripts conferring degree

*  If no college education, furnish a copy of high school diploma or GED

*  One to three current, dated and signed letters of professional reference (must be less than 1 yr. old)

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